We Can't Be Far From The Beginning
We Can't Be Far From The Beginning

Raime return with a new personal label and EP, as well as possibly their most head-scratching title (competition!) since If Anywhere was here he would know where we are (still grappling with that one eight years down the line!). The past year or so has seen Raime reinvent their sound somewhat, or at least altered its emphasis – having taken the aesthetic they so carefully honed and sustained across their BEB records to its limit (or possibly just turned off it by the innumerable copycats they spawned…I mean, trying to explain to anyone under the age of 25 that there was a brief time in the previous decade when quality goth/industrial-informed electronic music felt like it was in short supply is like trying to explain dial-up. They understand the words. But they don’t believe them).

One the face of it this is another EP in the high-res, ultra-futuristic grime mode that they unveiled with that corker of a 12” on Different Circles this year, but there's more to it than that. YES it’s the sound of them fully indulging the love of early-mid-2000s ‘nuum gear that their surgical focus on post-punk atmospheres and latterly post-hardcore guitar shred kinda militated against. THAT said, the rusted metal / dustbowl scrape of ‘In Media Res’ harks back to Quarter Turns banger ‘Your Cast Will Tire’, and ‘Do I Stutter’, for all its self-consciously hyper-digital patina, is no less bleak or lonesome sounding than their most blackest ever harrowings, and ‘See Through Me, I Dare You’ finds them reclaiming the grandstanding cinematic sonics they retreated from a bit after that first LP. SO, in short, a killer record, but also an interesting negotiation of the “classic” Raime sound and the more pointillistic, glacial street-beats they've been pushing of late. Feels like this is the bona fide Raime 2.0 - would be great to hear a whole album of this stuff... 


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