Wanci not wanky. Indonesian musicians produced by Rabih Beaini. 

The latest offering from Morphine has barely left the turntable since its arrival here. Tarawangsawelas, a duo from Bandung, specialise in a contemporary take on Tarawansa, the sacred music of Sundanese West Java, playing two string instruments: the bowed Tarawangsa, and the seven-stringed Jentreng. On this 6-track album they perform with their mentor Pak Pupung Supena and Sekalipon player Pak Pupung Supena. Whether or not these names, places or instruments are familiar to you - and they meant absolutely f***-all to us until now, sad to say - you can't help but be seduced and transported by this deep and mysterious music, "produced, mixed and arranged" here by Rabih Beaini. It's a compliment to both parties that it's impossible to say where Tarawangsawelas's contribution ends and Beaini's begins, and we have no idea how exactly this recording differs to traditional Tarawansa,  but one thing's for certain, we're grateful that he's exposed us to sounds of such rarified, hallucinatory power. A must-have. 




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