Laila Sakini

Laila Sakini

Languid, contemplative, achingly melancholic studies for piano, FX and vaporous vocal textures, toggling between weak-at-the-knees tremulousness and a kind of straight-backed stiffness and severity that makes the whole thing feel ALIVE to us, and a world away from the ond-dimensional, platitudinous new-new-age bullshit that is everywhere at the moment (no ta I do not want to chill out). The ethereal ambience here has a slightly numbed-out, Isolationist edge to it, the keyboard phrasings are somehow lush and spiky at the same time, with an emotional ambiguity and restrained DRAMA that refuses to let you off the hook. It's like a dream where everything's bright and gilded and beautiful but you keep remembering something is very, very wrong...but you can't remember what. Some Vanilla Sky shit! 

Feels like I compare lots of stuff to Deux Filles, but these slightly unsettled, unsettling urban-pastoral / eternal-afternoon idylls REALLY remind me of Silence & Wisdom, I think also Virginia Astley, Roedelius, or a less uptight Sakamoto & Fennesz, and something else I can't put my finger on right now and it's really fuckin bugging me... will update this page when it comes to me (probably like a year from now). 

Gotta say I like this record a lot.  

Just sold out of our first batch, but taking orders for re-stock which lands this Friday>>>>




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