Ceramic Hobs

Use Your Illusion III
Ceramic Hobs
Use Your Illusion III

I’m deleting you Daddy!! Live and volatile - the destructive, avant pub-rock (what would you call it?!) of Ceramic Hobs caught in the act at Tusk Festival, 2018.

Still on a year-long honeymoon with Harbinger’s collected Ceramic works “Black Pool Legacy”, Use Your Illusion throws fuel on the flames of the Hobs’ inimitable riot-inducing charm with whirling synths and Simon Harris’ hysterical, brain-microwaving screams of mental anguish perforating the Hobs’ demon punk stomp. Has the time to take the piss out of itself, as well as everything else, and still be amazing. Edition of 100 imported from Independent Woman Records HQ in New Zealand, comes with wee zine that features lyrics and paralleled quotes extracted from films / texts / fuck knows where else.

**RED ALERT** Invaluable ‘Hobs retrospective "Black Pool Legacy" 2LP - back in, now £16.99. Result!!


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