Gabor Lazar

Gabor Lazar

2LP of four-dimensional grime/2-step/tekno/electro/flat-beat... easily one of the most exhilarating and legitimately futuristic dancefloor shock-outs of 2018 so far, effortlessly vaulting past the lofty benchmarks set by FFT, Nkisi and Rian Treanor with the help of some unexpectedly biiiiig, sticky hooks and space-time-disembowelling, liquid-sword production that makes pretty much everything else we’ve heard in recent times sound dated, parochial and fundamentally f****ng pointless. Whether or not GL’s intention, it feels like the giddy culmination of long-term clinical trials to bring the bleeding edge of hardcore/avant computer music into the heart of the rave - mature here meaning totally unpretentious, with a refreshing emphasis on PLEASURE and IMMEDIACY.  It’s never boring - but unlike so much stuff from the same milieu, it’s not annoying either, doesn’t feel like homework.

I mean of course when you zoom out slightly it’s absolutely, sectionably mental, as you’d expect from any worthy Death O' Rave side, but fundamentally Unfold UPDATES and COMPLICATES and INVIGORATES established codes of club-friendly structure, measure and texture, rather than rejecting them wholesale. With its reliance on prismatic mid-range tones, there’s an obvious debt to Mark Fell’s labcoat-house interventions, but there’s a sensuousness to this gear -  and a playfulness, and a hooligan SWERVE - that is sorely missing from, say, a Sensate Focus record, or indeed Lazar’s striking but fundamentally pretty trying 2015 collaboration with Fell, The Neuorobiology of Moral Decision Making (I know). So it's OUT with science for science’s sake, IN with rolling sub-low basslines, ballistic, clap-heavy drum edits and nuff life-affirming, mind-strobing chord vamps! OUT with Nurofen-necessitating harshness, IN with a sound that is - despite its extra-terrestrial scope - properly rooted and dubwise. Yes, 100% gen-u-ine avant-garde yet TIMELESS garage-techno that sounds PHENOMENAL when you’re stoned. Isn’t that all anyone ever wanted?! Such a good record - built to shock and awe, but also to last. Treat yourself! 


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