Advanced Audio Research

Top Secret
Advanced Audio Research
Top Secret

Aaarrrrr!! The sulphuric b-boy MONSTER that is Advanced Audio Research’s second LP has us cornered! 

Every ounce as tense and frantic but a notably GROOVIER beast than the first outing, futuro-grime beat patterns hold their form and sprawl further, allowing tracks to really show their fangs and present themselves as some rabid, mutant smershhhh of rudeboy Reinforced 12”s and hi-ferocity Pan Sonic noise-taming.

Too twisted and polluted to ever feel like a “breath of fresh air”, that extended Haunter / Saucers mob seem to blast away the whitewash of polite and dignified electronic music with every release to reveal the daring, PUNISHING graffiti thrown up by the likes of Rephlex, Autechre and the demigods of experimental Italian tekno. No crystal ballz over here but can foresee this stuff being held in similar esteem in years to come.

Highest possible recommendation and gaddam essential ffo: those NON worldwide comps, Caustic Window, later Muslimgauze LPs, D’Arcangelo, Zuli, Christoph De Babalon +++++


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