Lost Trax

The Saturnian System / The Sequel
Lost Trax
The Saturnian System / The Sequel

Long-awaited reissue for one of the best tracks of the century so far, +3, this EP brings together four cuts in total from two different and sought-after EPs: 2006’s The Saturiun System (which has been re-titled – corrected to? – The Saturnian System) and 2010’s Lost Trax 2, both originally released on SCSI-AV. For the most part it’s deep techno classicism in typical Delsin mould – unfuckwithably solid if hardly groundbreaking - and will appeal to anyone into D5, Peel Seamus Claro Intelecto, etc. But look lively for ‘The Saturnian System’: an absolute planet-gargling black hole of a track. Built from little more than 808 drums, a trippy acid line and swooping cinematic strings, all immaculately edited and dubbed-out, it’s so much more than the sum of its parts: all your quasi-symphonic, dystopian sci-fi techno-trance Christmases come at once. Goes on for nearly 10 minutes, and when you get to the end, you just want to start her up again. Truly exhilarating and timeless gear. 




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