Country Teasers

The Pastoral - Not Rustic - World Of Their Greatest Hits
Country Teasers
The Pastoral - Not Rustic - World Of Their Greatest Hits

Pitiless first-person explorations of toxic! The Teasers' debut 10" LP from '95, one of the most memorable and perverse and improbably hard-hitting garage-punk (or whatever you wanna call it) albums of its era...and the starting-gun for a long-career of button-pushing from Ben 'The Rebel' Wallers. Plenty of intimations here of the drug-numbed Brainbombs-style riff-juggernaut the band would become over the course of the decade, but for the most part they play the country thing about as straight as they ever would, with twanging dirgey self-loathing ballads like 'Drove A Truck' and 'Only My Saviour' outnumbering the handful of route-one wrecking-ball rockers like 'Anytime Cowboy'. The cover of 'Stand By Your Man' is genuinely sinister.

Faithful reissue in that gorgeous sleeve from Crypt, the label that originally brought it into the world. 

"I could be a misogynist but the problem is I'm a feminist too..." 




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