Jah Wobble

The Lago Years
Jah Wobble
The Lago Years

Compilation of KILLER Jah Wobble. 140g 2xLP. 

"Jah Wobble's biography is a long and winding one, and he's achieved a lot both in collaboration with others and of his own accord. Emotional Rescue know a talented auteur when they hear one, and in the case of Wobble they've chosen to shed light on one of his less well documented phases, when he started his own label called Lago. Drawing on recordings made between 1981 and 1985, The Lago Years is a captivating listen that touches on post punk and no wave all the way through to dreamy psychedelia and the kind of world music Wobble would become so well known for later on in his career. An essential collection for any lovers of leftfield music and mysticism." - Emotional Rescue


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