The Jaffa Kid

The Jaffa Kid
The Jaffa Kid
The Jaffa Kid
Lathe-cut 7", numbered and stamped, limited to 50 copies. BRKNTOYS reprise their occasional series of ultra-limited 7" lathes with a sterling two-tracker from The Jaffa Kid, a producer we clocked only fairly recently via his AMAZING 12" for La Beauté Du Négatif last year, but who has in fact been kicking around since 2004 or thereabouts. Here he gives us the lush ambient tekno of 'Sus', ominous space-station drones and scissoring hi-hats, exquisite in its simplicity, and 'CAAT', a world-weary, downtempo synth-pop instrumenta - faintly reminiscent of D'arcangelo, Skanfrom, BoC at their least winsome/annoying. Class! One per customer please.


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