Carla dal Forno

The Garden
Carla dal Forno
The Garden

We decided that BEB releases should be ineligible for our main best-of-2017 list - because it's hard for us to look objective. Had to make an exception though for this EP by Low Company's very own CDF. It's here on the strength of the music, but her consistently stoic approach to packing and labelling mail orders sealed the deal. 



Four new songs, delivering as much meat as last year’s You Know What It’s Like LP. Stalking purist drone-rocker/ghost-rider ‘We Shouldn’t Have To Wait’ has been a fixture of Carla's live sets for a fair while now, and is a brilliantly bleak and uncompromising curtain-raiser here: it sounds like The Garbage & The Flowers discovered dub, smack and the colour black all on the same afternoon. That good. Tonally, texturally, it couldn’t be further away from the gleaming, orphic pop of ‘Clusters’, which is as vivid and consoling as Stereolab or Broadcast in their pomp. ‘Make Up Talk’ feels like the closest relative to her earlier work, haunting/haunted impressions from the fag-end of a relationship.

But the show-stopper is the title track, a dewy, suspenseful ballad that pays homage to Neubauten’s track of the same name and surely this gifted songwriter's most potent and refined offering to date.

12” with full picture sleeve, insert and download code.



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