John Smith, Sean Dower & John Mylotte

The Curfew Recordings
John Smith, Sean Dower & John Mylotte
The Curfew Recordings

Overrun with archival all-timers this week... Final deadstock CDs of this 80s experimental classik / bonechilling fragment of English industrial culture ! Nearly an hour of unsettling, droning enchantment recorded live in the unimaginably reverberant storage tanks of a disused industrial estate in 1984 when under police curfew. Some real special dirge on offer here. Manages to capture the hopeless, oppressive tone of industrial Britain, briefly numbing your mind before hot-wiring it into a primordial, time-travelling sense of DOOM - the soundtrack to the Peking Man clattering shattered skulls in the caves of Dragon Bone Hill during some undiscovered Stone Age ritual, or something. Christ, it's past my bedtime!!




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