The Best of Yximalloo 2
The Best of Yximalloo 2
Self-released collection of personal highlights from Naofumi Ishimaru's expansive back catalogue - all previously only available as micro-edition cassettes / CDrs that he has been coughing up since the late seventies. Pretty hard to fathom the abundance of imaginative DIY doss'ary in the Yximalloo archive, Vol.2 lifting a selection of these heavily piped sketches and symphonies and scattering them across Side 1, with Side 2 giving free-reign to the 22 minute distorto-psychedelic basilisk - "Off Libya". Blinder! Could perhaps act as a soundtrack to that zine of Eastenders characters drawn by someone who was blindfolded. Incurred some heavy import charges on this one - better luck next time!




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