Various Artists

Stone Tapes 001
Various Artists
Stone Tapes 001

A new year! A time for for brightness and lightness and optimism and-- naaaaaaah. Straight back down to the dungeon please, where the soundboy harrowings of The Stone Tapes - a new bit of mischief from the UVB-76 crew - awaits. Karim Maas goes for the horror-techno jugular with the careening, distortion-caked ‘Removal of DECC’, a midnight-meat-train wrenched bloody and bawling from the bowels of the earth…easy tiger! Pessimist’s ‘Ultra Nova’ y contrast is all about negative space… sulky, downtempo, 808-state hip-hop/electro, crisp and armour-plated but strafed with insinuating drones, and ample room for ghosts to roam…Flipside, Talker applies maximum brute-force for the crypt-door-slam-dance of ‘Cross Purposes’, and the ever more compelling Overlook welds Brum-school dropforge kicks onto duppy-dance atmospherics somewhere between Shiken Hanzo and classic Raime. RATTLE DEM CHAINS


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