Triple Negative / Colour Bük

Split K7
Triple Negative / Colour Bük
Split K7

Just when you thought it was over! Having spent the last six weeks rambling to anyone that would listen aboot the brilliance of London three-piece Triple Negative (and after three beers more or less inducting them into some fantastical hall of fame), along comes this tidy wee cassette split with unknown unit Colour Buk to ensure a continuum of fanatical babble on this band that is thoroughly invigorating the belief that there is SO much left to explore.

While it bears some resemblance to their recent LP for Penultimate Press, it is almost impossible to believe that there is anything formulaic about Triple Negative’s music. It’s frighteningly complex, BUT there’s a radiance around their output that feels more akin to magic than science - having been playing together for near 20 years, it is in those untold hours of writing that they have developed their own dialect, one that we are only now hearing to be spoken so effortlessly. Eloquently unstructured piano and violin interplay duck and dive around No Neck Blues Band-style explosions of acoustic and electric guitar, every component regularly being thrown into a cramped East London rehearsal space with flurries of frenzied drum machines and percussive invocations. Anyway - ENOUGH ALREADY! There’s so much going on - with each listen yer mind will bear witness to the multidimensional, unfathomably ONIONATED layers of intricacy and destruction at play.

Phew! This Colour Buk side, while not getting the same soul-crumbling super-fan levels of attention packs a PUNCH too. Aggy, distorted misshapes that feels like all the best bits of the Heavy Metal LPs - these couple of piss-bomb punk scribbles scattered around a 14 minute monster of sinister synth purring and deftly judged, doom-laden guitar riffs that sounds like it could have been recorded after a weekend spent rattling coffins in der club of gore!!

On repeat!

Edition of 50.


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