Aleksi Perälä

Simulation X
Aleksi Perälä
Simulation X

Colundi on and on....Clone trail Perala's upcoming Simulation LP with a limited edition 12" sampler. This is what it's all about. Whatever you make of the acid-casualty myth-making that surrounds it, you can't fail to be moved by the new seam of perfectly alienated and minimal "intelligent" techno which Perala, with the help of Grant Wilson-Claridge, has opened up and mined in recent years; even now, those signature dappling sine tones, and that drum programming - tough but magnificently understated - continues to quietly reinvent and revitalise braindance. Three years after his first Colundi offering - and many other records, Bandcamp dumps and anthologies worth of rinsings later - I'm still not bored of this one(two)-man-genre. Are you? Essential purchase. 



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