Alan Sondheim

Short Wave: Anomalous Recordings (1991)
Alan Sondheim
Short Wave: Anomalous Recordings (1991)

Lord what torment it has been to get these ducks across the pond! After our previous Cor Ardens care package arrived as an EMPTY BOX we thought our chances slim of ever obtaining this recent run of hard-hitting, humble tape-trapped nuggets (can only hope one unsuspecting delivery driver is having their noggin BLOWN when they chance upon all the scattered Sondheim + Pony Moon cassettes in the back of their van). Well behold!

GARGLING architectural surround sounds that hold no edges, near fifty minutes of phasing short-wave chaos that sounds like it’s leaking from a UFO’s broken transistor.

Yup, better ready them sea legs! The ESP Disk titan captains this cantankerous floatation device and takes us on a dichotomy of sonic motion. Vicious twists and turns, turbulent rolling and waaaarbling are met with dives into droning, gently undulating tangents - a stomach-lurching, breakfast-revisiting trip of the highest order! Psychic sound exploration on offer here, folks. Don’t miss!


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