Rosa Nebel

Selected Tracks
Rosa Nebel
Selected Tracks

Bombed-out, cranium-pummelling synth-wave / murder-drones / Terminator blooz from this Viennese outfit, edition of 40 tapes courtesy of Bobby Would’s label and already sold out at source. Would recommend for fans of Alberich, Cold Cave & Prurient’s classic Stars Explode side, M Ax Noi Mach, or that recent Unovidual/M.NOMIZED revive… Get your goggles on and grit your teeth and, through the squall of industrial noise and weaponised EBM/eurobeat loops, you will begin to perceive pranged abstract hard-tekno architectures that are almost Nkisi or Saucers-esque...14 tracks...QUALITY MUSIC!  






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