Vic Serf & The Villians

Rock Y Roll
Vic Serf & The Villians
Rock Y Roll

Second coming of the worst - that is to say, BEST - rock'n'roll album of all time… a mind-squidging piece of inverted science fiction, a violent, loving act of genre vandalism, and one of the high watermarks of ‘80s London’s DIY squat-wave / the explosion of Jim Whelton-related activity that also spawned Amos & Sara, Just Measurers, Milk From Cheltenham, Tesco Bombers ++

Imagining what would happen if a gang of well-meaning but musically inept aliens on some distant planet intercepted a radio signal carrying the sounds of earthling ‘50s teenbeat, and then attempted to record a response, Vic Serf and the Villains establish a blueprint for twee-but-twisted, ultra-dissected, submarine ROCK Y ROLL that would later be taken up and mutated by 39 Clocks, Gary War, Bobby Would, Itchy Bugger and a hundred other dosed-up jangle-punks skirting the edge of sanity. It’s Songs-the-Cramps-Taught-Us in dub, all bonehead blues runs and monochord riffage, the arrangements skeletal and the reverb trowelled on impossibly thick, like the Ventures were ACTUALLY in space, it’s the Residents and La Razilles Denudes vying for the karaoke crown in an empty auditorium at off-season Butlin’s, it’s THE KING smuggling a four-track into the shitter and laying down a few rough tracks before belching his last. As a parody it's so spot-on that it practically displaces what it's parodying… like Jac Berrocal doing over Vince Taylor, like Brainbombs doing over everything, it's EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING.

What’s more, living as we are in an era where it seems any goon coaxing an ominous drone out of a program specifically designed for creating ominous drones takes themselves INCREDIBLY seriously, the feckless, fearless hyper-inanity and TOTAL CONFUSION of Rock Y Roll is more vital than ever… yeah there is a level of seriousness that only people with a sense of humour can reach, and, the summit of rock’n’roll is a place in which only FUCKED ALIENS may dwell. Bet you didn’t think you had an itch for drug-marinated intergalactic skiffle, did you, but believe us, you do - SCRATCH IT! 



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