Vivien Goldman

Vivien Goldman

Finally back in print - Staubgold's RIVETING rundown of Viv Goldman's rickety, teabag-stained dub-pop, a small but perfectly formed body of work centered of course around '81's 'Launderette' single - best ever song about an awkward encounter with annoying ex-boyf, bashed out with an improbable all-star West London squat-ensemble numbering PiL's Keith Levene, Robert Wyatt, Vicky Raincoats and Steve Beresford, and backed with the social-realism-meets-Adrian Sherwood-studio-murderation 'Private Armies' (this comp also rounds up the further out-there 'P.A. Dub' from 99 Records' US issue). Throw in three cuts of stoned samba / lovers from Goldman's Chantage duo with Eve Blouin, and her two stellar guest turns with The Flying Lizards, 'Her Story' and 'The Window', and that's a good day's/life's work I reckon. At the risk of stating the bleedin obvious, no home inclined to Brenda Ray, Weekend, Leven Signs, General Strike, etc should be without this LP. What was it Woebot said, the sound of a scruffier, more human London that has long disappeared. INNIT. 




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