Kid Machine

Replicants EP
Kid Machine
Replicants EP

So pleased that Viewlexx has been ramping up its reissue programme of late. I-f’s expanded Brown Elbow Conspiracy justly flew out when we had it in a couple of months ago (re-press due soon), and his evergreen, epoch-shifting pop-moment ‘Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass’ is up next, but in the meantime we’ve been floored by this lesser known but unfuckwithable modern classic of badboy neo-italo/electro from Kid Machine (an alias of UK producer Mark Wilkinson), originally released in 2012. The goofy sci-fi samples might put off all but the real-gone IFM/Magic Waves stalwarts, but embrace ‘em and you’ll be rewarded with ultra-druggy, tuff-bassline-driven robo-disko that stands shoulder to padded shoulder with the very best this sacred genre has to offer. Killer.


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