Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing is our record of the year (2017). Of course this is largely down to the music, and the whole seductive black-hole aura of the thing - and we’ll come to that. But part of it is sentimentality. Released in April, around the time that LC opened its doors for the first time, this debut offering from Punctum - a moody, meticulous masterclass in Isolationist tekno and bombed-out braindance - was probably the first record that felt like “ours”...something that arrived without much fanfare, which we fell in love with naturally and in our own time, and which seemed to resonate with the customers we ended up pushing it to. And a record which frankly didn’t seem to get due recognition outside of our shop-floor. Since then there have naturally been a few other titles that we’ve enjoyed similar relationships with - but first love cuts deepest, eh.

Punctum is a collaboration between Caterina Barberina and Carlo Maria. It is in many ways a purist synth record - recorded at the storied EMS studio in Stockholm using a boffin's wishlist of 303s, 606s and Buchlas - but far from sounding cloistered and academic, it has a spiked, decadent, darkside/post-rave sensuality and dynamism that makes it stand out, with a strong whiff of classic Irdial (especially Anthony Manning), of Leo Anibaldi and Abul Mogard's ambient missions, and the outer reaches of early Rephlex. There are no drums - and anyway it's too bleak, too brooding, too boot-on-chest stern for the dancefloor (ask Kenny, he’s tried) - but lord does it move, with chilly analogue tones twisted into haunting melodic themes and evil, acidic, oscillating basslines (culminating in the tranced-out death-disco debauch of 'Quick Botta'.) Sentimentality aside, you need this record, you do. 

While we're here, we'd like to thank the IRL and online shoppers alike who’ve graced us with their presence and hard-earned in 2017, and of course the artists who've made the tunes, the labels that've released them, and the distributors who've supplied us (and tolerated our rank amateurism along the way). Our last day open this year is Saturday 23rd December; we then close for Christmas nonsense and re-open on Wednesday January 3rd. Season's greets. 




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