TNT Roots

Raw Dub Creator
TNT Roots
Raw Dub Creator

Barn burning steppurz to follow last years 7” of Gast remix destruction… Bokeh play whack-a-dub with the TNT Roots / Earthquake back catalogue and carve a selection of eleven armour plated siege weapons onto vinyl for the first time.

SEISMIC studio power throughout, lightning-strike drum hits and blazing sky synthesisers that sound like they’ve been force fed voltage and gone through months of rigorous training to become buoyant enough to prevent drowning in the fang-rattling sub bass swells of the Iration Steppas / Aba Shanti I berserker.

If sceptical as to the potential epidemic of diagonal bum bag asphyxiation that hangs in the air - make haste to the immortal battle-axe action on “Glorious Dub”, the smoked-out, rubber legged epiphanies on “African Science 2” and the darkside power surges of “Foundation 2”…with the rain comes raw, indisputable THUNDER.




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