The Futurians

The Futurians

DUCKLING MONSTER and her veteran Dunedin racket-makers come crashing back to earth with “Programmed” -  first appearing as a fragile, shrieking recording akin to a Screamers live show, but quickly revealing some real weight in their playing, this crew, sounding like a high power German automobile stuck, revving ferociously in two feet of NZ muck - the low end on drum fills and distorted guitar riff-shifts sporting all the body of peak Mainliner, their manic but somehow FOCUSED aggression conjuring a buzz equal to the first time we heard Afflicted Man - and what a buzz it is!

Side B offers more concise chaos with thumping, disturbingly catchy skits of tough synth fuckery that sounds a bit like your Der Plan Records got damaged in a flood and you tried to dry them in the microwave. 

Hard to write something sincere about how happy I am to have my paws on this perfect ALTAR OF MADNESS whilst Sanjay is blaring some rap mixtape and the plumber is drilling holes in the wall and the woman running a yoga class next door is telling them both to be quiet but THIS IS THE RECORD YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR. We are not programmed for your world!!!!!

200 copies yadda yadda


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