Jowe Head

Pincer Movement
Jowe Head
Pincer Movement

Some worthy RSD spill-off in the shape of Easy Action's new limited (500 copies) vinyl edish of this high-def but gorgeously mottled DIY/art-rock beauty from Jowe Head of Swell Maps and Television Personalities FAME. Out of print on the black shite since the mid-80s, Pincer Movement is easily the best of the post-Swellies solo albums, effortlessly eclipsing Epic Soundtracks and Nikki Sudden's (OK occasionally heart-rending but) thoroughly unadventurous offerings; in fact its relative vim makes it clear that it was Head who gave his former band their unpredictable, (experi)mental edge. It also anticipates at some level the concise, drug-damaged dronescapes that TVPs mk.2 (with Jowe on board) would essay on records like The Painted Word. It's a strange record, a whimsical crustacean scuttle through various psychedelic pop and lugubrious art-funk cut-ups, as if the Eno of Taking Tiger Mountain hit the blotter and then got locked inside a seafood restaurant...aye. The music is busy but incredibly spacious and dubby (far too pristine and studio-polished to truly be called DIY, despite its lawlessness), meaning even the more sub-consciously surreal motifs hit the mark, culminating in an unforgettable sequence of eccentric, underwater death-disco anthems: 'Glistening Pincer', 'Mermaid', 'Swissair'... So good, no self-respecting collection of UK hippie-punk is complete without this fella. 



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