Palta & Ti

Palta og Ti på den Tolvte Ø
Palta & Ti
Palta og Ti på den Tolvte Ø

New 12th Isle courtesy of Palta & Ti, an Aarhus duo last spotted doing their thing on Gravity Graffiti. A bit of a departure from the blooty fourth-world abstraxxions the label is best known for, what you get here is three mini-epics of sumptuous, inward-looking, rub-a-dubbed dream-house with one foot in dubbed-out, early 90s hypnobeat / Blue Room biz - shades of Seefeel, Reload, an icier Irresistible Force. Class throughout, but the B-side is the one for us, floating skywards on wings of pure Cluster-y synth shimmer. Lush screen-printed sleeves as per. 





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