Eblen Macari

Musica Para Planetarios
Eblen Macari
Musica Para Planetarios

"Mexican guitarist and ambient artist Eblen Macari's Música Para Planetarios (Music for Planetariums) was originally composed for weekly performances in the Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium in Mexico City to accompany a voyage through the galaxy. The album, released in 1987 was based around Macari's solo performances using Ensoniq ESQ-1, a Korg Poly 800, two guitars and pre-hispanic Ocarinas. The expanded arrangements recorded for the album include a full stable of pre-hispanic percussion and beautiful baroque harpsichord played by Macari's wife. This expansive interplanetary soliloquy is undoubtedly Macari’s masterpiece. Remastered from the original master tapes." - Seance Centre


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