Metalurgic Funk Vol. 1
Metalurgic Funk Vol. 1
Bunch of perfectly ripe Sex Tags bananas here this week, pick being this contemplative clobbering from E-Gzr, the long-awaited follow-up to their first (memorably dense and deranged) Wania from a couple of years back. While similarly uncompromising, the four cuts here are trackier and trancier than we were anticipating. You hear what you wanna hear with this sort of stuff, but think deep, tunnelistic dub-techno that kinda draws a line between 90s Italian prog gear (which seems to be coming back?!) and relentless, chord-propelled, Scion-style libration and resonance. Clips don’t do this justice, you need to hear the whole thing stretched out properly… but take our word for it, s’good. “Pretty fooking skeletal” - Kenny.




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