Frans Zwartjes & Lodewijk de Boer / The Frans Zwartjes Sound System

Masterpiece / Spectator
Frans Zwartjes & Lodewijk de Boer / The Frans Zwartjes Sound System
Masterpiece / Spectator


Perhaps the brain has undergone further wilting due to the aggressive heatwave which we are currently experiencing, but this, right now, sounds like thee most graceful thing we’ve heard in years! Not all that familiar with Zwarjtes / De Boer or their music and I’m sure there are a million interesting google’able things we could yak about on either one of them, but how can anyone focus on anything else when you hear THIS F*CKING RECORD!

It sounds like Gavin Bryars writing a farewell letter to his loved ones just before Conny Plank ships him off to space for the rest of his puff, it’s perfectly sculpted tones of reciprocal synthesis moving in heavy, theatrical / psychoactive waves that feel less in tune with the typical, distant, fading horizons of similarly poised synthesiser music and dealing more in the palpable drama, pain and ecstasy of the universal present!

Pure greatness here. Not just in the inscrutable beauty of this dusty old antique but in the flip’s contemporary rendition via The Zwarjtes Sound System…Cast aside any scepticism you could be holding re: the tribute band - this piece is one of terminal power!! Seemingly expertly choreographed movements for treated violin and synthesisers that rage and swell like an angry ocean in an immense reverberance set to dwarf all your earthly surroundings, a sense of space so acutely captured in this live recording from the EYE film museum in Amsterdam.

Yeah, if there is too a Frans shaped hole in your art-house know how, this record should act as both a window and an invitation to jump through it. For all that you gain from copping it, the price of admission still stings on this one. It does get some bonus beats for how amazing it looks though - all sorts of fancy paper / printing techniques on show - manages to feel every bit as special as it sounds once it's in your grubby paws…..

Piggy banks and card stock aside - this beast will stand tall next to all your titans of the late night, inner-mind transport zones - Ruth White, Tibor Szezmo, Kosugi, Toniutti ++++ Just sorting some sound clips today, should be with you shortly if the ol' lappy doesn't melt.



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