Loss Of Gravity
Loss Of Gravity
Back in stock! Reissue of an INCREDIBLE, tranced-out Italian deep house EP from the vaults of the Vibraphone label, circa 1993. Originals go for an arm and a leg, and it's not hard to see why: Loss Of Gravity's four trackhave plenty of guileless early 90s flair - twinkly piano arpeggios, proggy-as-f*** one-note basslines, big rousing pads, quasi-operatic vocal licks - but were put together with an unusually far-sighted restraint, and a tendency towards tough, drum-centered minimalism that feels very contemporary. Seriously, compared to so much European house/techno from '92, this stuff is streets ahead in terms of production and all-round self-posession. The breakbeat-enhanced, tunnelist tech-house of 'The Journey' is a worthy headliner, but see also the ambient expansions of 'In My Garden' and the FSOL-esque 'Lrica', and the more downbeat 'CH 47' and 'Levitation' - it's all quality. Great record.




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