This 10" came out at an awkward time, just before Christmas (and all it entails)...glad we’ve sat on it a bit because it’s taken that long for it to properly click. Although it won’t quite satisfy anyone (still) craving the subtlety and density of Because I’m Worth It, never mind the unfettered pop majesty of ‘Smitten’, Lolita wipes the floor with its two Lolina-authored predecessors, taking the spiky, garish synth tones of Relaxin’ With and Live In Paris and grafting them onto the kind of ghosted-out R&B/street-beats that characterised Worth It and her more to-the-point Gast collaborations. In terms of its sloppy, stream-of-consciousness singjaying, you'd have to say there's an affinity with Blunt’s Stone Island, but this is less self-absorbed material, and sonically way more adventurous, always with one eye on the (imaginary) dance. From the title track, with Inga doing her best Martina T-B over hollowed-out eski/dancehall, the fucked polka of ‘Keep On Moving’ (with that nagging “cash-and-carry” refrain) and sinewy, crepuscular instrumental ‘Plot Twist’, it all feels right on the $$$, free-form but rooted, well aware of its surroundings but totally its own thing and, whatever its longevity, truly of its time (a compliment). As with Worth It, rhythms that seem obnoxiously primitive and messed-up on first contact, quickly come to feel complex and space-time-jarring and (DIY-)visionary - at once more locked-on and lawless than 99% of the sheep-music emanating from white boys' bedrooms the world over. If you're a fan... you know. 


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