Patty Waters

Patty Waters

Just spent a good fifteen minutes trying to gather some intel as to whether Patty Waters is a smoker or not, foremost reason being the impassable depth and apparent anguish in her voice, which we are often taught to assume is only ever achieved through A LIFE OF SELF DESTRUCTION and also because this new live LP immediately directs the mind down to some nicotine-fumigated, velvet curtained establishment in the same way it does when in the bluest depths of a Maki Asakawa LP, who famously LOVED a durry.

Anyway, no incriminating photos to be found of Pat and so the quest for us to quit the sticks proper continues!

Further fluff that shouldn’t really matter, but this is the first vinyl edition of any of her recordings since 1966! There has been some high grade stuff since then of course. The 2005 CD retrospective on ESP Disk and the live recording from her performance at Cafe Oto in 2017 namely, but giddily speaking as someone who’s never put their moolah where their mouth is and copped either of the first two LPs, the arrival of “Live” spells the first attainable opportunity to enjoy the music of an artist that carries so much history and undeniable CLOUT in the infamously “tangible” format. Tosser!!

On “Live”, Waters sings her highest lonesome ballads (many of which are covers), forgoing for the most part, the wild and tradition-eclipsing styles featured on her debut, “Sings”. The recordings taken from her performance New York in 2018, see her glide through deep, lunar moods with sombre piano suites to accompany and an offset, introspective rhythm section shifting elegantly in the wings - all peaking with a blinding rendition of “Moon, Don’t Come Up Tonight”, where you can almost hear the gently disturbed dust particles slowly rise from the keys of the piano, as they become visible under dim stage lighting.

“She’s a legend!”


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