Knutna Nävar (Cassette Edition)
Knutna Nävar (Cassette Edition)
Limited cassette edition of our fave from 2018 and beyond! 'Ere's what we said about the record last year; Caught totally off-guard by this shapeshifting head-scrambler from Blod aka Gustaf Dicksson on Enhet För Fri Musik’s FFFM privät pröss. Strange, bittersweet concoction of woolly but frost-bitten psychedelic folk (with some carefully calibrated prog flourishes), Flying Nun-ish evergreen-dazed jangle-pop and at least seven other shades of DIY/art-rock abstraction… one minute you feel like you could be listening to a Felt or David Kilgour instrumental, elsewhere passages of woozy pastoral ambience trade blows with Lynchian organ drift and post-punk ice-sculptures cut from the same block as Martin Hannett’s Scandinavian Wastes...culminating in a kind of pseudo-medieval, flute-driven loner jazz that sounds like Third Ear Band if they’d made a record for Vanity. On the whole it’s brighter and more composed than anything we’ve heard from Blod before, but still feels loose and frayed in all the right places, and utterly MAD throughout...if you’ve enjoyed recent Enhet For Fri Musik, Neutral, Brunnen, Delphine Dora, Brannten et al… be smart, don’t miss this.


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