Christian Jay

Christian Jay
Idle Hands' two most recent releases might well be our favourite ever things to come from the label. Just a few weeks after we submitted to the front-foot-forward techno rollage of Dan HabarNam, we're vibing out to this new Christian Jay in a whole other way. Dunno about you but these tunes take me back to a a golden era in dance music, early 2000s I guess, when loads of interesting stuff was happening at the intersection of UK garage and European/American minimal techno / microhouse... a time when it didn't mean a thing if it didn't have that swing and, er, you would FLIP (sorry) if it didn't have that SKIP...You know, Akufen, Herbert, Baby Ford, SND +++.  Christian Jay interprets and updates that now buried tradition very nicely indeed, particularly on 'Katalox' - the more broken, dubby and properly zoned of the two top-notch tracks represented here. Speaks of itself this one really, check the clips. TIP!




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