Dom & Roland

Invasion (Mothership Remix) / Revenge
Dom & Roland
Invasion (Mothership Remix) / Revenge

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Murderation! Two previously unreleased dubplate classics from your man.

The story is that Dom was asked by Nico of No-U-Turn to remix Ed Rush’s ‘Mothership’, but when he sat down to do it he was so caned that he forgot to use any of Ed’s sounds. He decided to keep the track for himself, but had already written ‘Mothership Remix’ on the DAT, and the name stuck. Doc Scott and Peshay cut it to play at Blue Note but it never received an official release. Twenty years later it sees the light of day on gold vinyl, limited to 200 copies. I’d put it up there with his best productions, a techstep cold mission of the highest order. On the flip a “mellow for Dom” roller built as a tool for the Blue Note DJs, and thought lost until he found the DAT in a box under his mate’s stairs along with an N64, four controllers and a copy of Goldeneye

DDD04T | gold vinyl | edition of 200 | UK | 2017 | 12"


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