The Gist

Holding Pattern
The Gist
Holding Pattern

One of the blessings of the exhaustingly extended (permanent?) post-punk revival is the attention finally given to the bands that grew out of the ashes of Young Marble Giants: chiefly Alison Statton’s Weekend, and Stuart Moxham’s solo vehicle The Gist. A few of you will be familiar with The Gist’s Embrace The Herd LP, which Rough Trade put out in ’85; the music on Holding Pattern, all previously unreleased (although a handful of them are demos or alternate versions of things that did come out), is from the same era, recorded when Moxham was living in Nottingham experimenting with multi-track recording as a method of composition. It’s better than you would’ve dared to dream:  ‘Being True’ is in the same class as Embrace The Herd’s enduring ‘Love At First Sight’, beautiful and haunting, while the rocksteady of ’Fool For A Valentine’ and ‘Killer Bird’ make explicit Moxham’s debt to Jamaica, and ‘Clean Bridges’ offers a more uptempo take on the kind of plangent post-punk minimalism that YMG invented. The highlight, though, must be the Debbie Debris-sung 'Assured Energy', a dubwise doo-wop delight that beats Weekend at their own game. 


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