Christoph De Babalon

Hectic Shakes
Christoph De Babalon
Hectic Shakes
Hectic shakes…we’ve all had ‘em. Since the honey-i’m-home ‘Grim Zenith’ 12” on VIS in 2017 announced the return, or at least the sudden profound contemporary RELEVANCE of Christoph de Babalon’s saturnine breakcore/junglizm, we’ve been treated to - among other things - a reissue of his Digital Hardcore magnum banger If You’re Into I’m Out Of It, and most recently a rollicking comp from A Colourful Storm of previously unreleased terminator trax. Now, comes something more succinct, but no less crucial, courtesy of Alter: a four-track EP of saturnine soundboy punishments that we take to be new productions (correct us if we’re wrong). Billed as an exploration of the abyss - SO WHAT’S NEW - it is, it must be said, unerringly brilliant. What always appealed about CBD’s take on jungle (unbeholden to all but the gnarliest German dancefloors) was it’s WRONGNESS - capturing its essence with an intuitive skill that few outside the UK were able to muster, while straining at the leash at every turn, resulting in music that felt ultra-volatile, vividly alive and irreducibly DE BABALON. Pleased to report that Hectic Shakes follows suit. ’Shake & Shivers’ is the one, a moody broken beat excursion that sounds like some killed Seiji's dog in front of him then forced him to build a track at gunpoint (who would do such a thing). The brooding ambient grandeur that was showcased on Exquisite Angst is redoubled on ‘Harakiri’ - clipped, clattering, escape-velocity breaks and nuke’em bass-drops peeling away to reveal a stately, starched orchestral motif that put us right in mind of, strangely, Gossiwor and Boli Group. Yeah there is no one who makes music quite like this - then or now.




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