Mattias Gustafsson

Frusen Musik
Mattias Gustafsson
Frusen Musik

Cranky minimal electronics / basement zoning of the highest order, pungently atmospheric, skirting the edges of noise but pulling back to deliver something more spacious and textured and inviting...something you can live inside (if you have no need of daylight or fresh air). Really outstanding CD, the best "industrial" music to darken our door in yonks, presented in just-so Careful Catalog fashion. 

"Eight stunningly impactful works of cavelike architecture for an inspired rattling of the cage, a curious peeling of the wallpaper. Drips, wobbles, creaks, and cracks are turned to gold while nearby liquid encroaches a vulnerable circuit, disembodied voices spiriting in through the vents. Pry this one open and find flashes of entropy, unplaceable dread, meditative stares, and an acceptable dosage of melancholy. Admirers of Small Cruel Party, Crawl Unit, or the Tapeworks series on Gustafsson’s own Hästen & Korset are likely to sense a familiar air." - Careful Catalog


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