Crazy Doberman

Free LSD
Crazy Doberman
Free LSD

Been trying to get our paws on this LP ever since that blinder of a 7”, "Rust Clatter For The Midwest Sun" came through our doors, what, over a year ago now? Behold!

It's psychedelia in the way that Skullflower is psychedelia, noise in the way which that first Saheb Sarbib quartet LP is noise - the volume of mutant wisdom on here is a FORCEFIELD to get trapped in. So intense was that last outing, it was hard to imagine the effect a whole LP would induce -  rest assured - it'll have your noggin feeling like one of those dropped lasagne's - in a GOOD way.

The Dobermans hold their shit together as they ride the choppiest waves of industrial drone, dishing out slow-mo rhythmic fissures and temple of doom-style free music on the whole way. It feels like some kinda masterclass balancing act, between cold, spacious electronics and the digit scalding guitar and saxophone. A wild and accomplished combo, for sure. Feel like someone's just explained how to deftly juggle them taps and extract water of an endurable temperature out that DAMN shower. ARGH! What joy!







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