Amateur Hour

Framtiden Tillhör Inte Oss
Amateur Hour
Framtiden Tillhör Inte Oss

Reclusive, catatonic swamp-pop from the dreaming, dozing shores of Forlag For Fri Musik (again!?) and the somehow infinitely fertile Gothenburg sump. Amateur Hour, a three piece consisting of members of Neutral and Enhet For Fri Musik, play with their hearts slightly further down their sleeves than the aforementioned endeavours - garage band laments are burnt to a crisp here, barely recognisable amidst Dan Johanssons’ swells of noise - yet, somewhere in the charcoaled remains of this guitar band lie some eternal songs. Previously released as a lathe cut - “Jenny’s Place” comes wading in two songs deep - a heavy hearted, haunting and bordering-Lynchian cinematic ballad - one that feels every bit as inflammatory as Blod’s opener on Knutna Navar - melancholic, disintegrated pop prowess, like a codeine-ballroom version of This Mortal Coil (Meg reckons a touch of Chrissy Hynde too!).

 This, swiftly followed by a peaking, reverberant, Swedish sports-bar karaoke cover of the rhapsodic Television Personalities’ treasure “The Girl Who Had Everything” - Julia Bjernelind blowing the roof off this imaginary, low-lit boozer we are now in - her and this humble mob giving it a bash as if no-one is listening - striking an immediate, intimate impact that totally gives Indexs’ IMMORTAL cover of “Keep Me Hangin’ On” a run for it’s money. Ugh.

In between the heart-strings, Amtuer Hour show off their fast metabolism and ability to dart from style to style with killer-instinct, whilst maintaining an innocence that makes you feel like you are egg’ing on your mates band - any duff notes (there are a few!) serving only to highlight the moments where it all comes together, these moments often MELTING back in to scorched keys and searing noise passages that we cannot get enough of. While it’s a bit annoying to compare folk to their contemporaries, this music is very much tied to a time and place and “Framtiden Tiller..” undoubtedly gives off the same, drowning, D.I.Y. sensibility as that last Neutral record (which still gets rinsed heavily round these parts) but brings something new to the fore - expelling any scepticism and justifying our excitement and intrigue for whatever this mob have to offer.



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