Various Artists

Enka Mood Collection 5
Various Artists
Enka Mood Collection 5

Another soul-searing, sunglasses-at-night exploration of Japanese popular torch song / death-blues on this, the fifth instalment of An’archives exquisitely packaged Enka Mood 10” series. On Side A, across four tracks, the trio of Mineko Itakura, Shin’ichi Isohata and Michel Henritz double down on the enka's innately smoky, crepuscular, questions-in-a-world-of-blue vibe, with a twin guitar attack that turns on a sixpence from courtly folk-romanticism to existential country slide to fully electrified, rat-clawing-at-yer-face distortion. Side B is the one that really does it for us. It's helmed by another trio, RQRQ, featuring Doronco (Les Razilles Denudes) and Mitsuru Tabata (Acid Mothers Temple), who deal in ultra-minimal, waltztime, tremolo-heavy downer rock'n'roll, full of longing and black shadows and cavernously spacious - their three songs here nailing that quintessential, he-kissed-me-then-died-in-a-motorcycle-crash, Rose McDowall-in-Spell sorta thing that we have infinite time for. DIVINE.

10" LP in silkscreened jacket with inserts, obi and postcards. Edition of 275. 




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