FOM follow their necessary revive of Nature Boy’s ‘Necessary Ruffness’ with another worthy excavation of ye olde rave, this time alighting at the work of Timenet, aka the British production duo of Viv Beeton and Dave Campbell. Campbell and Beeton are of course better known as Ubik, whose turn-of-the-90s releases on Zoom - especially the ‘Non Stop Techno EP’ are foundational and timelessly freaky UK techno. They released just one 12” as Timenet, a white label that inevitably commands high prices in the second-hand swamp; it’s remastered and reissued here, with the addition of a previously unreleased Stripped Down mix of ‘On The Move’. The tracks on the reissue are also pitched much slower than the original pressing - whether this is a deliberate or accidental re-writing of history, we dunno, but we'd recommend pitching up a couple of notches - the lunatic minimalism of ‘Dishwasher' in particular makes more sense at pace. As you'd guess from its name, if not its ruff drum machine pattens and bleepy SH101 synth line, it's a homegrown response to Mr Fingers’ ‘Washing Machine’, to be filed alongide other classic house/techno paeans to kitchen appliances / white-goods (Cajmere's 'Percolator', Todd Terry's ‘Tumble Dryer’, Joey Beltram's ‘Toaster’... ). The other cuts too are proper trackhead, flab-free and resoundingly mental productions -  the tripped-out, wormhole-fishing ‘DX Moods’ a highlight for us. But all banging really. Class. 





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