Dan Melchior & Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson

Dark Arc
Dan Melchior & Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
Dark Arc

Lifers Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson and Dan Melchior join forces for the first time for this incredible meditation on zoned, suppurating hypno-electronics and corrosive, punk-acousmatic drone-goo. Yeah you ‘eard! Who knows what to attribute to who, but you get the impression that the more classically-minded Sigmarsson is the grounding force here, setting boundaries which Melchior continuously and gleefully sets about vaulting/vandalising (certainly Melchior's last solo record on Kye Home of the Blues, foretells the same sort of steel string and field recording provocations which shoot holes through Sigmarsson's moody minimalism here). The result is two longform pieces, 'LOCKED UP IN NOVEMBER DREAMING' and 'crepuscule with drunk wrestler,' both coming at you like fireworks pointed straight at your face (as if they hadn’t already nailed the metaphors). Moments of respite only give way to blinding, more lurid found-sound / synth dioramas, at times touching on the more frenetic sequenced recordings of Sigmarsson's group Stilluppsteypa (whose latest, Beach Yolanda, is also in stock and very well worth checking). Something like a masterpiece, this, taking us back to that brief moment when what eventually would be termed “hypnagogic pop” felt like a portal to another dimension rather than a prelude to half the moneyed west growing porno ‘taches and making concept albums about ALF (or whatever). Impishly psychedelic and heavily pregnant with possibility - this is one for the true believers! Btw also mpossible to imagine more perfect artwork than Dennis Tyfus’s - this is an album that sounds PRECISELY how it looks, bub. Edition of 300. 





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