Stresshead techno splackers from Beneath...grimy and rootical but at the same time his most out-there, potently psychedelic material since the Vobes 12” for Pan way back whenever it was. Paranoid and sullen they might be (mashing down Babylon is a serious business), but ‘Cloudy’ and ‘Outsource’ are also explosive, larger-than-life club tracks: with a properly next level, rudeboys-on-acid sound design that combines bruk, armour-plated drum ruffage and inimitable UK bassline pressure with an absolute ONSLAUGHT plasmic alien organics (of such hallucinatory intensity that they could've easily sustained a couple of beatless mixes as well). Both tracks were inspired by the “suffocation & intoxication” of London life, apparently, and maybe I’m projecting but they DO seem to me to capture pretty well how living here messes with your brain and physiology, how it propels and stimulates and drains and deforms you and makes you dependent. AHEM. 'Cloudy’ feels like an actual rush-hour panic attack, its gargling synth line repeated ad nauseam, tweaked and stretched and twisted from every possible angle for maximum head-fuck / dance reaction. As you’d expect, the attention to percussion is unreal - on ‘Outsource’ in particular it feels like every single snare hit has been individually chiselled and dubbed...but never overcooked, always with that SWAGGER. An amazing 12”. Like so many true originals who keep delivering the goods, Ben is sometimes in danger of being taken for granted. But not by us, boys and girls, NOT BY US.




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