Ce Qui Est En Bas Est Comme Ce Qui Est En Haut; Et Ce Qui Est En Haut Est Comme Ce Qui Est En Bas.
Ce Qui Est En Bas Est Comme Ce Qui Est En Haut; Et Ce Qui Est En Haut Est Comme Ce Qui Est En Bas.

If you caught Raymonde's tape for Paper Bags a few weeks ago, you won't need much convincing to check this 2LP set he put out on Vlek back in the summer. It’s a curious, totally singular alloy of free-roaming electro-acoustic abstraction, dub-pocked micro-house and dreamy (BUT NOT CREAMY) library music / deconstructed exotica (?)...With his limpid keys, Desertshore-sweeping harmonium drones and ultra-tensile, vibrating webs of birdsong, insectoid percussion and woodwinds, our Raymonde modulates between chaos and calm, ambience and attack-mode, with absolute MASTERY. There are passages of lush lunar folk-dance, reminiscent of Serge Bulot or R's labelmates Accident du Travail, that you feel ought to be soundtracking some obscure '70s French puppet animation (or at least the delirious drunken daymares of the puppeteer!), sub-atomic jazz patternings inna Villalobos/Loderbauer style, and some of the most intricate, trippy, compulsive post-techno rhythms you've heard this side of the Steffi Grafs Innere Ruhe 12"  - in the case of 'Baliana Tropic, Paroles Exoqitue' making me feel like I swallowed a gary and a malfunctioning cuckoo clock at the same time and am coming up on BOTH. 






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