Ruff Cherry

Ruff Cherry

Following on from that blissy Robert Fleck, another blue, stealth stone-killer from Well Street, once again bringing impressive edge and focus to the smudgy interzone where broken techno, minimal UK garage and Pole/Rhythm & Sound-derived dub pressure meet. Cork's own Ruff Cherry is up this time, on 'Siren' and 'Innocent' rolling with the swung, tightly syncopated drums that we've come to expect (and crave!) from this label, but adding layers of Convextion/ERP spine-freeze strings (without overdoing it)... good lad. The title track and 'Keeper', with their airlocked breakbeats and zoned, ain't-no-sunshine sound design, are cut from the same cloth as Dynamo's Außen Vor and STP's 'The Fall' - high praise indeed (British producers trying to sound like German producers trying to sound like British producers...that's my shit!). Quality 12". 




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