Various Artists

Bränn ner hela skiten
Various Artists
Bränn ner hela skiten

Another fresh (in the loosest sense of the word...everything on here feels gloriously, nose-pinchingly mouldy and mildewed), blink-and-you'll-miss-it chipping from the trunk of Enhet För Fri Musik's FFFM private press...a various artists compilation featuring two cuts apiece from Enhet för fri musik and Blod, plus the wonderful Leda (of Neutral), Arv & Miljo, Vattenskaller, David Eng and various other misanthropic Swedes exploring the harrowing in-between zones of death-folk, industrial, minimal synth and burnt out free jazz. Rarely have the doldrums sounded as ravishing or magnetic as this. Housed in lovely hand-pasted sleeves, and with a fold-out poster reproducing the mucky cover art. Edition of 150.




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