Raspberry Bulbs

Before The Age of Mirrors
Raspberry Bulbs
Before The Age of Mirrors

Barn-burning, bone-crushing return of Raspberry Bulbs and their Lovecraft-deranged, black-metal-tainted, scorched-punk-policy - this their first album since 2014's BEB outing Privacy. Recorded, like its predecessors, DIY and no-frills to 4-track, the songs are driven as ever by former Rorschach man Nick Forte's brutalising bubblegum riffs, the yowling paranoid weltschmerz-stricken vocals of M. del Rio and Jim Siegel's stripped-back, brick-to-the-heid drum-klatter...interspersed with creepy, hugely effective instrumental sketches inna minimal electronics / scum concrète fashion. Tis a veritable friggin orgy of negative ecstasy, and just what you need to remind you that you do indeed hate yourself and everyone else on earth. So good to have these bad bastards back. Black vinyl edition.




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