Bebe Fang

Bebe Fang
Bebe Fang
Bebe Fang

The wonderful Vrystaete label (Brannten Schnure, Brunnen) strikes again with this gorgeous vinyl treatment of the invisible-til-now self-titled Bebe Fang CS release from nearly a decade ago, a longtime personal favourite of label head Martijn, who adds an extra track (‘One Ear’) to make an already singular work even better. Singular in a very literal sense because this is the only music the Dutch duo of Berber Visser and Keimpe Koldijk ever recorded, and into which they clearly poured enough pathos to endure ten years and then some - indeed there's a semi-tragic ‘lost recordings’ feel to Bebe Fang of the kind that is so often manufactured these days but feels incredibly genuine here. Like nearly everything on Vrystaete, the ghost of Nico looms large, but Visser's hot-mic'd vocals, for all their submerged gothic intensity, admit a more soulful inflection than Christa P - and, combined with tape-hiss-shrouded, three-note basslines, the overall affect is rather trip-hop - if trip-hop owed more to the suppurating electro-acoustics and he industrial drones of Zwartjes, Lustmord and Mauve Sideshow. But as much we try to invoke the influences or references of artist who’ve gone before, Bebe Fang resist. There is no homage here. No trying to be someone else. Bebe Fang sounds like two people undressing their home studio until they’re left with just a mic and a synth and, if they could, they’d do away with them too.  "When the lights go out / There is nothing to be found / Except my bones in the ground." Far from being a funeral march, this record is a resounding validation of LIFE, and stunning viewed from any/every angle. Edition of 150 in hand-screen-printed sleeves. 






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