Off World

Off World

Fizzing, minimalist lunar jazz and lounge music of notional species. The first Off World LP was a peach, but this is the one: more fleshed-out, dub-crazed and rhythm-centric. Mainman Sandro Perri is joined by a crack supporting cast of instrumentalists, whose close-mic'd chamber chops give the record a very human feel, while also giving Perri that much more raw material to build and populate his alien dioramas with. 

2, like 1, is rooted in the kind of free-form, plasmic electronics and proto-techno that you might associate with Tod Dockstader, Robert Beatty, and of course the tweedy library/soundtrack imagineering fetished by Ghost Box types. And with its understated bossa and motorik rhythms, there are also affinities with Pram and Stereolab (off-worlders both). But this album stands out precisely because it avoids the retro honeytrap in favour of a future-facing outlook and aesthetic: the sound design is ridiculously vivid, pin-sharp and powerful, a swarm of micro-tonal detail borne aloft on vast, expertly sculpted waves of sub-bass.


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